FIATA World Congress 2022, FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

By | July 29, 2022

Brussels: The FIATA World Congress 2022 meet is being hosted by Belgium at the Square Convention Centre, Brussels from Of October 2022. The meet will have over 1400 participants from all across the world.

The meet will give social, business, and networking  opportunities to those who work in the field of logistic, transport and cargo industry. This article will guide you through the details of the FIATA World Congress Meet 2022.

FIATA World Congress

About FIATA World Congress

FIATA is an International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association, which is a non-governmental organisation, it was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1926 and has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

FAITA gives references to international policies for logistical, transportation and cargo  industries and gives opportunities for companies to work with governments and private companies across the work with each other across the globe. It also helps the members speak up in their interest about the trading business, and actively work along with World Trade Organisation.

FIATA has helped Freight Forwards in active communication when the operations take place. Freight forwarders own much more data than airlines do but even with that, communication was inefficient which affected the Transport Management System. FAIFTA has established better communication technology by digitalization of the whole management system.

2022 FIATA World Congress

This year the FIATA World Congress 2022 is being conducted in the month of October from the 26th till the 29th at Brussels, Belgium. The theme for the convention would be “The changing climate of Logistics”. Logistics in evolving in various ways, and there are some notable challenges and trends that the industry faces, solutions for the same with all the members will be discussed by and debated about, besides this.

Many governmental organs will also be participating in the convention to give new and interesting opportunities to various members. The anticipation for this meet among the members is a lot as the 2020 FIATA congress couldn’t be conducted due to the pandemic.

New innovative technologies that would monitor the cargo and logistical communication and administration is expected to come out as an outcome from this meet. We look forward to a new world of logistics and cargo after this meeting.

Final Words

The above article provides all the released details about FIATA World Congress 2022 and what is to be expected out of it. FIATA is an organisation working toward the betterment of logistics and cargo industry since last 100 years, we do look forward to a great outcome out of the World Congress.

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